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Carpet pile yarn

Carpet pile yarn is bulky yarn used in the outer surface of carpet. It is made primarily of synthetic fibers such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester.

We develop, manufacture and market twisted yarn and steam-set yarn to meet customer requirements for texture and appearance.

Carpet pile yarn production process


We use nylon, polypropylene or polyester bulky yarn (with bulky fibers) to match the customer requirements for feel and durability. In addition, we supply both white yarns for subsequent dyeing and colored yarns whose fibers have already been dyed.

Yarn twisting process

By twisting yarn fiber with a pot and creel, various twists of yarn (first twist and second twist) can be produced in a single process.

Twisted yarn raw material for direct twisting machine

Direct twisting machines
can produce first twist and second twist yarn in a single process.

Continuous steam setter

With a continuous steam setter, multiple rolls of bulky yarn can be steam set equally. In addition, straight-thread and freeze-thread processing is possible.

Method freeze setter

The winders
wind heat-set yarn around paper tubes

Batch-type steam setter

An autoclave is used for batch steam setting with high temperature and high pressure saturated steam. Since it is possible to steam set with high quality saturated steam, bulky carpet yarn that is resistant to settling can be produced.

Batch-type steam setter