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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information on the Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc. website

Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc. (hereinafter "the company") respects the privacy of customers, and in addition to complying with the laws of Japan concerning the protection of personal information, handles personal information with discretion, administering our website in accordance with the following policy. Moreover, this policy specifies the handling of personal information on our website, and does not apply to Toray Industries, Inc., domestic and international Toray group companies, or to links on the home page of the company website. With regard to the policies of Toray Industries, Inc., related companies and links, please contact the respective companies.

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    Customer personal information will, as a rule, be used for the purpose of providing information related to products and services, or to improve the company's products and services. If you do not desire information related to our products and services, such provision will be discontinued upon your request. Also, personal information collected through this website will not be used for any purpose other than those described above unless specifically stated beforehand.

  2. Non-disclosure to Third Parties

    We will never disclose or provide to third parties any personal information you provided, except in the circumstances below:

    (1) You have given us your approval.
    (2) The information must be disclosed to our subcontractor or business partner in order to fulfill the purpose of use.
    In this case, however, we will take strict steps to make sure your personal information is properly managed by the party to whom the information is provided.

    (3) If disclosure of personal information is required by law, etc., we will disclose the information only to the government agency requiring the disclosure.
  3. Changes to Registered Information

    If a customer wishes to change, confirm, amend or delete information they have registered, we will respond in an appropriate manner only if we can confirm that the customer who made the request is the same person who registered the information, or else someone who has been delegated the authority to do so by the customer.

  4. Security Measures

    So that we can securely manage/operate personal customer information, we implement rational and proper security measures to protect personal information against illegal access from outside parties, loss, corruption, manipulation, leaks, and other dangers. We also designate someone in each department that handles personal information to be responsible for information management, establish regulations on information security, and make sure that all employees are aware of the regulations.

  5. Policy Revision

    We will review and improve the foregoing as and when deemed necessary by considering amendments to any applicable laws that we must observe in handling personal customer information.