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Thank you for visiting the Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc. website.
We were established as Toray Tire Cord, Inc. in December 1961, and became a 100% owned domestic affiliated company of Toray Industries, Inc. in August 1971. During those times, and still to this day, we have steadily expanded our core business activities of tire cords, industrial cords and carpet pile yarns so that we have now grown to become the most important base for industrial textile high value-added processing for the automotive application-focused Toray Group.
On April 1, 2014, with the aim of further enhancing joint initiatives with customers, as well making our position in the Toray Group clear to domestic and overseas customers, we changed our company name to Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc.
The "Hybrid cord" in our name reflects how the scope of our core business activities has expanded to include all cord businesses, and expresses our business concept of creating innovative cutting-edge cord materials through the underlying technologies we hold and the compositing and hybridization of the various textiles we handle. Based on this concept, we plan to thoroughly pursue reliable technological innovation for the foreseeable future, work hard to continue to develop valuable new products and business areas, and contribute to society.
Furthermore, in order to handle global procurement by customers (domestic and international bulk purchase of equal quality products) and to respond to production location BCP (production by multiple domestic and international locations), we established a sales office in Thailand in April 2015, and began a global production and sales system for use in the Asian and Indian regions. On June 6, 2016, we established a new production and sales company (Toray Hybrid Cord (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) in Bangkok, which joined production operations in October 2017. As a global supplier, this allows us to handle automobile-related demand and aim for growth and expansion.
Furthermore, the driving force behind our continued growth is the cultivation of human resources. By nurturing people with enthusiasm and dedication to manufacturing, we plan to strengthen the foundation of our manufacturing business, promote a company culture that strives to meet challenges, and further advance our technology.
We hope you will learn more about Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc. through this website.

June 2021
Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc.
President Akira Suzuki